After much anticipation in waiting, the resin SQLabs body has arrived at my house. Let’s open up the box and take a look shall we? First up you see another box with a lovely photo label showing the body and head name if the order included one. I went ahead and ordered the Haruka head since I wasn’t sure my Volks option head would work well scale wise with this shorter body.


Opening up the box only to discover there’s a bubble wrap mummy or something inside!

After removing two layers of bubble wrap some feet start to emerge.


Discover the ‘free’ eyes which were included with my order. I had hoped these would be a vibrant shade of green but they are not as expected, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with them yet. :-/


Finally, the doll who was so carefully wrapped in her bubble cocoon. I was surprised to find her then wrapped up in a thick gauge plastic bag. All of my other resin dolls have came with their hands, arms and legs all wrapped separately to prevent breakage. Thankfully I didn’t find anything wrong but it did worry me for a second.


Almost all of her joints came with kips already installed, so she poses like a champ!




I couldn’t help but take a few photo of the gorgeous hips and stomach area, plus a back shot. DIMPLES!



How the inside of the new headcap looks with this spiffy SQLabs metal plate and cap magnet.


Like most resin dolls she came with some seems showing, but none of them were bad. Actually this was the worst one believe it or not, so they are completely fixable with a little sanding.


The body came with SD16 sized high heel feet, but the doll was actually strung with the MSD sized flat feet.


The hands actually have a ‘one touch’ safety catch, which makes changing hands out a breeze! Unfortunately they did not do the same with the feet, which I wish they had done. :-/


A friend of mine wanted the SD17 guy expression hands, which are so neat! They feel huge after seeing closed finger hands for so long, but I held them up to my boy and they are spot on in size. Go figure! I may have to get some of these at some point for myself. :3


Just a quick shot to show the two different resin colors which SQLabs offers. The body is in the ‘Dollfie Dream’ tone and the hands are in ‘real skin’ which has a bit more of a yellow tone.


I have to say that my first impressions of this body are stellar! I’m quiet excited and can’t wait to finish up preparing my character so I can start to photograph her. ^_^