Yesterday the first of the dolls from the Disney Villain’s collection was being released: Maleficent. I made my adventure to the local Disney Store in anticipation for the event. Each store selected received a limited amount of dolls, so I had to put my name into a caldron in hopes of being chosen for a chance to purchase her. While I waited around for the appointed time for names to be drawn I browsed around a bit and snapped a few pictures of the lovely new display of Villain’s merchandise.

Seeing all of the dolls in person was a real treat since I’ve only seen pictures up this point. I think I definitely want to try for the Evil Queen and Cruella when it’s their turn to be released.

Much to my delight, when the appointed time arrived my name was the 21st to be called! I have horrible luck with lottery type drawings usually. I think there were only thirty dolls to be sold, so I barely squeaked through. I love the fact they chose this way to sell the dolls instead of first come first serve. This way all the scalpers can’t show up at 3am and get everything the rest of us just want to enjoy having.

They had fancy bags with gorgeous artwork to take the doll home in.

The external box was super fancy too on both the front and the back. The front portion showed the original fashion plate styled artwork.

The back has information and shows the ownership card along with the limited edition number for the particular dolls. Mine ended up being #8,303 out of the 13,000 issued.

I do not plan on removing her from the protective case she came inside of, so I’m afraid the photos are a bit hazy because of this.

The base is actually quiet neat as the swirls of the design are raised.

Since she comes with a case she is so much larger than I expected, so for now she gets a shelf of her own. I’m not quiet sure what I will do if I am able to get another of the upcoming Villain’s dolls, though I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Here are the promotional photo’s which show her in so much more loveliness than I can do unless I finally relent and remove her from her case. Click on each for a larger view.