For a change of pace this month, the local Dollfie Dream group decided to have our meetup at a lovely local tea room. The room appointments were quiet lovely and everyone was gorgeous in the setting.

Here are most of the girls who made it out for the event. This is the first event for me to take my newly finished Kuroneko along to. Even in her tall heels she is still so much shorter than the other girls. Awe’s! :3

Several of us also collect resin dolls, so a few of those came along on this trip also and decided to relax on the small couch. Everyone looks so cozy! :3 The Supia wearing a kimono was just drop dead gorgeous in person (the kimono too!)!

Only a couple of closeups turned out this time around. Truly though I didn’t take many photos as I, like many of the rest of our group, was too busy talking and enjoying our tasty float drinks (I had a coffee float!). This DD-06 girl was just too adorable! I can’t wait till I can finish putting my own together. <3

A quick snap of my Kuroneko! I hope to grab a few moments soon to take some proper photo’s of her in better lighting. ^_^

Not long before we had to go someone else showed up and squeezed into the group photo. Poor Kuroneko looks like she is hiding behind the new comer from the camera. XD