A couple of people have asked me how I store my BJD’s / Dollfie Dream dolls along with all of their clothes and other ‘stuff’. I have been meaning to post a photo for a very long time now, so do forgive me. ^_^;

For starters, I keep all of my dolls in a cabinet bought from IKEA. It is a spiffy deep version of the Billy bookcase, which is 14.5″ deep and allows lots of space. It is very dusty here no matter what I do, so I opted for a version with glass doors. I store my doll carry bag up top for easy access.

Inside you can see I have plenty of room for a couch on each shelf and I can easily have two rows of dolls. There is also two header spaces which I made into storage by using the left over shelves. I really need to reorganize my top shelf, so please excuse it’s messiness. >_< Even as my doll collection grows I plan on simply taking out the couches as needed to create more standing room. Now to just get all of those stands I need. ^_^;

As for storing the rest of the dolls things, I have picked up a cube cabinet, also from IKEA. I bought woven baskets and cardboard boxes in which I store away the clothing and accessories. I actually just picked up two more boxes over the weekend to place into the last two cubes, so some major reorganizing will be taking place shortly.

And that as they say is that. I know as with any collection there will always be growing pains, but I think that will mostly come from the clothing and furniture/prop storage issues which are bound to raise their heads at some point.