Amidst the packing of boxes for my upcoming move, I attended my first Pullip meetup in years over this past weekend. I’ve been using my breaks between work and packing to edit all of my photo’s, but finally they are done! I actually was quiet the shutter bug this time around at 179 photos, but I’ve managed to work them down to a manageable 20. ^_^

For this trip I took along Nella, Romantic Alice and Miku.

A couple of adorable punk styled boys. :3

We met at one of my favorite cafe’s where we picked up tea and sweets. This raspberry cake is divine and I always get a piece if it’s available.

Harley looks perfect disguised as a police woman!

Miku being a little shy at first.

Romantic Alice being prim and proper as always.

This girl made me so happy! I adore her wig and how she was styled; she is more than welcomed to come join my band at any time. 😀

Time for a little break dancing!

Nella found a Johan to run away with. haha

Time for a tourist styled photo.

I think Harley is going to try and break into the castle! Always have to keep an eye on that girl, sheesh. 😉

Everyone passed out after the lengthy tourist styled photo shoot.

Luckily there was a break in the rain long enough for us to head outside for a change of scenery.

This is one of my favorite photo’s from them all, she just looks so natural and relaxed here.