Meet Alexander Maximilian III or Alex for short; he is a SWITCH Uhui on a Ariadoll16 boy body. He has been waiting a very very long time for his body to arrive thanks to my particular insistence of what sculpt I wanted for him. Thankfully now at last he is together and ready to pursue his dolly life.

Currently he is trying to find his way around the ‘house’ and familiarize himself with all it’s quirks. You know, just in case of an emergency…or something. At least that’s what he would tell you if you asked, but I wouldn’t take everything he says at face value.

His background is rather shady and probably not one a “proper” society would approve of, but that suits Luka just fine. He wasted no time at all searching Alex out as he has been alone far too long. He needed someone he could send forward to pry out truths and uncover mysteries in the seedy underworld of society.

You see, Luka is rather leader of the pack, but has been lacking those to lead. Certainly not by his own doing of course, he simply has particular taste in his minions and has been waiting for the right kind to come along.

Let’s just say that Luka can be very persuasive and doesn’t lightly take no for an answer when he sets his mind to something or on someone.

I do believe Alex may have to divulge his little black book now.

Super happy ending! ^_^