Decided to wrangle all of my IOS boys into a group photo this morning. I have been dying to get bodies for a couple more of my floating heads so I could do this; every time I can take a new group photo I get so thrilled! XD

So here is my crazy crew, testosterone count now up to five. šŸ˜‰

And for a little profile introduction on everyone…

This is Shoji, he is borrowing the SD13 boy body from my poor Shiro. ;_;

Luka, who now is the proud owner of horns at last. I finally sat down and made them yesterday during a crafting session with friends.

Good ole Kaname, who looks innocent but it took me ages to get him to stop flashing his ‘bits’ in that kimono and sit correctly! XD

This is Jin, my newest guy to get his own body from the boy who arrived last week. It really is a case of the body snatchers around here. LOL He is my tallest doll to date at 70cm. I was worried he wouldn’t blend in with everyone else, but since some of my guys wear platform shoes it seems to work out somehow. Yea! His head is originally meant for an 80cm body, but that’s just too much doll for me! I’m quiet relieved that he looks good on this 70cm in my eyes.

I’m pondering if I want to get him some smaller eyes; he’s wearing the same size as my other guys but somehow they don’t look quiet right to me. It’s a little hard to put my finger on just what it is that’s bothering me about them though.

Here is Haru, who is apparently the shortest of the bunch right now so I hope he doesn’t mind. XD

Jin is apparently a natural ham for the camera. I need to do a proper introductory post for him, so I’ll try to get to that soon.