The local Pullip group doesn’t get together for meetups often, but when we do it’s an awfully lot of fun! We usually hit up a favorite tea shop of everyone’s, chat and then take loads of photo’s outside if we can. This time around was no exception. A lot of cuties managed to make an appearance this time around.

First up it’s this adorable Isul! I really wanted to tuck him into my pocket and bring him home, love his style so much. The jeans and shoes were just killing me with their cuteness.

This other cutie really grabbed my attention!

My two girls hamming it up for the camera.

Group photo of everyone who was able to make it out.

I think my Lunatic Queen may have been a little sweet on this guy throughout the day.

Loved this girl’s stock hair so much!

The cherry blossoms are in full effect here right now, so we took advantage of the opportunity to take lots of photo’s. Shuko’s hair seems sakara colored to me now. :3