MTDolls.com is a site run by MacaronTea to enjoy sharing and reflecting her thoughts on dolls. She is also a fan of darker JFashion and food snaps; her posts about daily life and other interests can be followed at her main website MacaronTea.com She will confess though that the main site has been rather neglected as she spends most of her spare time now doing doll related things. ^_^;

How did I get into this hobby?

I never liked dolls as a child and preferred to play with My Little Ponies instead. Even as I grew older these same loves stayed with me for many years until I discovered Pullips. These customizable girls called to me like no other doll had! Next thing I knew ten had come to live with me. Then while researching clothes I stumbled upon these amazing dolls called ABJDs. You could change their hair! Paint them from head to toe! Pose them in all kinds of ways (without support! Gasp!) and they were super photogenic!

Near Christmas one year I discovered Volks USA, bought a MSD girl “Mire” as a holiday gift to myself and I have adored her ever since. While more BJDs have invaded the house the Pullips have been sold on to new homes. Although I will confess a few Azone girls have joined the group but I don’t know if they are staying.

I love the creativity that BJDs allow me to express and encompass all my hobby loves to let out the inner creative me. Currently working on getting started on a 1/3 scale set for my photo stories, goodness help me (but surely it can’t be as hard as the 1/6 was!)

Okay, umm…that’s probably certainly enough babbling. 😉

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